The Central Lab Group is an industry-leading provider of safety eyewear and is dedicated to manufacturing the highest-quality lenses combined with the fashion trends of safety frames. Prescription safety glasses are a must for those who require prescription glasses, for work or play, in environments that may be hazardous to their eyes. Polycarbonate lenses provide significantly more protection than any other lens material. We highly recommend the use of polycarbonate wherever possible as the safest eye protection available. Homer Optical safety lenses are in compliance with ANSI standard 280.1-2015 – detailed standards and product requirements are available upon request. Frames for safety glasses are tested using the same criteria whether they will be used in basic impact or high impact applications. Frame tests include:

– High Mass Impact: In this test, a one-inch diameter steel projectile weighing 17.6 ounces is dropped through a tube from a height of 50 inches onto a safety lens mounted in a frame. The frame is “worn” by an artificial head form. To pass, the frame must fully retain the lens, and no piece can become detached from the inner surface of the frame component that holds the lenses.

– Durability: Safety frames must also pass a flammability-resistance test, a corrosion-resistance test and other durability tests.

– High Velocity Impact: This test involves shooting a quarter-inch steel ball at the lens and frame at a velocity of 150 feet per second from a distance of just under 10 inches. The test is repeated multiple times (each time with a new frame and lens) at different angles and positions of impact. The pass criteria are the same as for the high mass impact test.

Central Lab Group supplies safety frames from the industries most recognized brand names: ArmouRx, Flex Optics, Hilco and Wiley X.

Oil & Gas

Eye safety is under continual threat from welding, machine work, drilling and handling caustic fluids.


Aerospace workers face real challenges for eye and vision safety every day in the field.


Safety eyewear helps protect workers from the spectrum of dangerous present in their work environment.


Anyone working in a lab that faces the risk of particles coming into contact with their eyes can benefit from wearing safety eyewear for protection


Construction sites are dangerous places, filled with multiple health and safety risks. Safety eyewear is mandatory PPE for just about any construction site.


Safety goggles are not just for work. They are beneficial for competitive or recreational sports where there is a danger to your eyes.

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