Today’s optical world requires that both ECP and supplier be resourceful, innovative, and adaptable. That’s why we have re-branded our portfolio of businesses and services, which includes Central One Optical, Cherry Optical and Homer Optical into one diverse but single business entity—The Central Lab Group. We accomplished this to reaffirm our extremely focused commitment to you, the Independent Eye Care Professional.

You need to have suppliers that you can depend upon, certainly, but also ones who bring you quality, innovation, unique, exclusive products, expert service, and creative marketing—all in a “one stop shop” environment. We also believe that your supplier needs to be easy to do business with and always responsive to your ever-changing needs.

We have over 100 years of collective optical laboratory expertise and a commitment to technology which has never been stronger. We are able to offer the most technologically advanced No-Glare processes from top industry brands, as well as a host of proprietary, private-label products. We offer both digital and conventional lens surfacing and unsurpassed, quality lens finishing.

Each of our sales consultants is an expert at providing valuable practice management insights, including training resources that will multiply your practice’s growth potential, get the best from your staff, and prepare your managers to succeed; product training to help you better explain premium products to your patients; marketing support to help you attract and retain patients; managed care guidance to maximize practice profitability and offer the best options for your patients.

Each of our five (5) individual labs have a stellar customer service team who are deployed to service you, the Independent Eye Care Professional. Also, all of our locations can communicate with you via text saving you valuable time otherwise spent on the phone for simple inquiries.

We vow to stay at the cutting edge of innovation in optical products, services, marketing assistance and communications with our customer base.

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